About Shari

Shari Braendel is one of the nation's most sought-after Christian speakers on the topic of fashion, beauty and dignity.

Shari has fashioned an exceptional teaching style that touches the heart and encourages the soul — thus inspiring her to found Fashion Meets Faith Ministries. Completely convicted of God's love and His mandate to "go and tell", Shari has committed her life to using her time and talent to encourage others. She has been blessed with a wide range of opportunities to communicate her passion for Christ and her passion for building women's self-esteem through fashion.

As a successful image consultant, she saw first hand that women didn't recognize the beauty that God gave them. And they lacked the tools to dress themselves with style and confidence. "Women often judge themselves based on the world's standards and are forever coming up short."

Hello Beautiful,

I’m honored that you are taking the time to read about me and my ministry and grateful God has somehow led you to this page.

When God first called me to bring the idea of fashion to the church I had a big ole argument with him. How in the world could I bring the topic of 'outer beauty' to the church when I know that 'inner beauty' is what makes us shine?

One of the deepest needs a woman has is to feel beautiful, to KNOW in the depths of her soul that she was created on purpose and that God did not make a mistake with how He made her.

My prayer is for each woman to really 'get' this and to give her practical tools so she can learn to dress with dignity and style.
(By the way, if your teens need some direction in the modesty/dignity department, I’m your girl for that, too. Teens hate the word modesty so I teach them how to dress with dignity and what that means for their lives).

I pray you’ll consider having me at your next event…and know too, that this is a wonderful outreach opportunity for your ladies to invite their 'unchurched' neighbors and friends…using fashion as the invitation to help them hear about our sweet Jesus.

Hope to know you better,


Shari enjoys mornings on the porch with her huz, Dave; watching her son, Luke, play basketball; sitting all curled up with her 3 cats and a good book; and prayer time while listening to worship music.

"There is nothing else that I could share with any other woman - younger or older - that would be more loving, instructive, or life-changing!"