What Others Are Saying

"God has changed Shari's life and brought her out of the fashion industry and into His work to draw others to Him."

Event Testimonials

Shari's conference content and personal charisma is a hot commodity for women! While reminding us that true beauty comes from within, Shari encouraged us to take the gift God created us to be and wrap it in a beautiful package!

– Rene Swope, Proverbs 31 Ministries

Your ability to involve the audience and your warm, relational manner were captivating. Without a doubt it was the BEST event we have had all year! Thank you for a wonderful program.

– Carmel Baptist Church

I loved this weekend! I loved how everything worked together to allow us to see ourselves as beautiful creations, and that we need to carry ourselves in that way. So much of the way I dressed before was caught up in just not caring, but He cares for me and I need to show that. I need to share that the same way Shari did. I want to express how much of a transformation God has made in my life, and I think it begins with how people even first see me.

– J. Boyles

Shari took the stage and the audience was captured by her radiant and modest beauty; everyone was engaged and felt important and special.

Shari has a way of talking to and with the audience as a whole and with us as individuals…she comes across with authority and confidence…we all felt like she was our best friend…she is doing what she loves and it is obvious with her easy and friendly demeanor and heart felt smile…she doesn't talk down or criticize…Shari wants to help and it comes through perfectly…everyone wanted to be on stage with her, because of the value and genuine love they could all sense from her.

This was such an amazing day. I personally kept thinking of more ladies I wish could have been here.

– Deborah Gawne

We keep hearing such great comments about the Feminar and how you presented Fashion Meets Faith in such an exciting, fun, and informative way. We learned great tips on fashion and how to look our best.

My greatest blessing was when you shared your coming to know Jesus Christ personally. You spoke with such clarity and tenderness. It was captivating and clearly led by the Holy Spirit. Over the years we have had many events, and I can say that it is rare to find such a clear presentation of the gospel.

Judy Bone, First Baptist Church of MacClenny, FL

The response was tremendous from the 400 ASU women who attended our event. Connecting fashion and faith was a smash hit with the young women on campus. Not only did they receive personal fashion and style information from expert Shari Braendel, they heard her powerful story of how her choices in life had consequences and how faith in Jesus made the difference!

Repeatedly, the young women told us how they LOVED this night and thought Shari was inspirational!! We now are connecting with many of these women who want to explore these topics and more on our campus!

Wendy Smith, Hope4ASU.org

Shari was a joy to work with, very down to earth. We enjoyed her wit, charm, and unapologetic love for Jesus. She has her "talk" down to a science, but was flexible in her presentation adding a section directed at the many teens in the audience at the last minute.

Wendy Blight

Thank you so much for a fun-filled evening! You have no idea of how much you touched my soul and rejuvenated my spirit. You gave me a perspective on myself like no one else ever has, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

For the first time in a very long time, I feel good about who I am. I am a woman who is worth something because I am deeply loved by my Heavenly Father -- simply because He created me. Thank you for helping me to remember I'm beautiful in someone's eyes. Thank you for teaching me to work WITH my body's shape instead of fighting to change it, (or feeling guilty because I'm not fighting to change it. I'm pleased to report that I cleaned out my closet. And I got a new bra. I also picked up some new clothes in the right colors and v-necks! I was amazed at the compliments I received the first day I wore one of my new shirts. You've really created a buzz with the women at our church! Again, Shari, THANK YOU. From the deepest part of my heart...THANK YOU!

Sharon Hubbel, Overland Park, KS

Shari was able to weave into her message how a woman's outer dress and care for herself can reveal a lot about her heart and ultimately her identity in Christ.

Sarah LeHolmes

I could not have been more pleased with your role at our women's retreat!!! The women really enjoyed the fun you brought to the event.

Women come to the retreat to be fed spiritually AND enjoy the fellowship and 'girly girl' moments. How much better does it get than to have a fun, friendly, warm, knowledgeable lady providing tips on dressing for body styles, color analysis, hair color, accessorizing, etc.

Your commitment in ensuring that all 150 women received a personal color consultation really wowed me - thanks for being flexible to work them all in. I would be happy to recommend you to any church or professional organization!

– Wendy McKewen, Women's Ministry Director, Langston Baptist Church

My heart has changed even more than my wardrobe! [Shari's] message has brought the reality of living and dressing as a woman of faith and reflecting that beauty to me in a whole new way ...

– anonymous

Thank you for this weekend. Thank you for Shari's testimony. She touched me too much, and I realized that I've been hiding my true self because of my past...But my closet and my life is about to get purged, girl!...Thank [Shari] for just laying it out and being up front and honest with her life and her life work.

– anonymous

Shari's event is packed full of all of the advice and wisdom that I've needed my whole life!

– Ruby S.

Thank you for sharing God's beauty tips with us ladies. The glory of God shines through you in all that you do.

– Langston Baptist Church

We did an Early Bird Sale as Shari suggested and marketed ourselves as "A Beautiful Event for our Communities". We were SOLD OUT before our sale was over, but didn't know it. Tickets were being snatched up all over our community and we were over booked. We quickly contacted Shari and contracted with her to do an evening "Teen Edition" to help meet the demand for tickets and space.

We had over 750 women between our two events. We had 69 women give a commitment of purity as well as hundreds of confessions of deep sin and hurt. This was the largest evangelistic outreach our church has seen!

Our pastors, board elders, church women, attendees, and community are buzzing about the awe of this event. God willing, we will be booking Shari for another event. I wish every woman and girls that God created could hear Shari's message so they would be able to feel good about themselves and know they are beautiful.

If you have any questions concerning the event or Shari, I would love to talk with you.

– Bev Schut  wbschut@mtcnet.net

Better than shopping with a friend! Shari will urge you to search for approval within yourself pointing out that looking good is being satisfied with yourself rather than catering to the anticipated expectations of others.

– D. Matlock

I have been meaning to write since the conference. My husband was SO THRILLED!

I didn't tell him about your session at first. Instead, I met with my makeup lady and changed my makeup to the cooler colors to go with my hair. He normally doesn't comment much on my appearance, but this time he kept complimenting me several times during supper. The next day, I went shopping. He said he always had a young looking wife, but now I look at least 15 years younger!!! He said he never dreamed that he would get a new wife by letting me go to that conference and said I could go back anytime I wanted! Thank you so much!

– Kathy

As a Christian I had heard a lot about being beautiful on the inside yet Shari brought the need for the inside and outside beauty together in a way I had never heard before. Her unique ability to help us see ourselves as we really are is done in a way that helps women be comfortable with changing some things without feeling threatened or put down. Shari's sense of humor and deep compassion for sharing Christ with others draws them to Him.

As a pastor's wife, I knew I wanted to share Shari and her message with the women at our church. As event coordinator I needed a speaker and Shari said "yes"! I began to tell our women and girls about our theme and the response was overwhelming. I had hit a chord with the ladies touching a need in their lives I didn't even know existed!

When Shari came and shared her "What Not To Wear" session with us we had so much fun yet learned so much. It was really a time of bonding for our women. For months afterwards I would hear the women talking about the beauty tips Shari had shared and I also saw the results in many of their lives. Their confidence about themselves had increased in a God-honoring way.

Shari helped us so much that we wanted to share her message with our community. That September, we hosted a "Modest Is Hottest" Fashion Show for teens. We tripled our former attendance in May with a whole new audience. Once again Shari shared her message and talked to the girls and their mothers about the need for modesty in our world today. She also gave her awesome testimony of how God had changed her life and brought her out of the beauty and fashion industry into His work to draw others to Him.

I am so glad Shari wrote her ideas down in her "If Clothes Could Talk" book. I could not possibly remember everything she said but now I can refer to her written words all the time! It helps me have a plan and not flounder when it comes to my wardrobe and saves me money too since I don't buy things now that don't work for me or that I don't really need.

This is a message all women can identify with in today's economy! I highly recommend her much needed ministry and words to and for the world of Christian women and beyond.

– Lucy Wilson, Pastor's wife and Women's Events Coordinator, First Baptist Church, China Grove, NC

Thank you Shari! Something that comes so natural to you, use to be a sheer terror to me.

– A. Vine

Shari had me laughing and thinking about the things I could change that would make me feel better about myself. As Shari said, Look in the mirror and say, "I'm so cute! Thank you God for making me this way"!

– Grace B.

We did a survey following the event, no surprise to anyone, your message was the favorite and there was an overwhelming request for more of you next year!

– Cathleen Allred

I have struggled with self-rejection for as long as I can remember, but I really did come to know the Lord as "Redeemer" this weekend and I am so grateful.

– Tina W.

Thank you for such a wonderful evening. The women are still talking about it. You are such a wealth of information and I've seen many ladies strutting the "new them". You've given them a confidence to who they are in the body that God gave them.

– J. Kerney

Your event was such an inspiration not only to me, but to all the ladies I was with. I cannot wait to unleash this new woman that is excited to be set free! Finding the perfect jeans and bra to fit in 1 day, is that not as close to heaven as a woman can get!

– Kim Pritchard

What a treat! Shari was outstanding. Took a lot of the information back to our MOPS group and shared it with the moms using her book.

– Jessica D.