Women Matter Initiative

womens ministry with 27 Hangers

Join the Mission to make 27 Hangers much more than just Clothes

God is GOOD! The popularity of this amazing course does SO MUCH more than just offer clothing advice.

Fashion Meets Faith is on a mission to help ALL women that have been abused and treated with little or no dignity. It came to our attention with the increase in Human Trafficking that the 27 Hanger Course provided these beautiful, young ladies residing in rescue shelters a WAY to redefine who they are, what they wear and stand tall and proud... no matter what their past! Amazing Right??!!

If you are a non-profit, Fashion Meets Faith is offering the 27 Hanger Course for FREE!

27 Hangers?

ARE YOU OVERWHELMED BY YOUR CLOSET? Join Shari Braendel to control the clothing chaos with the 27 Hanger Online Academy! Learn how you can have the perfect capsule wardrobe with just 27 pieces!

So whether you purchase or are part of a non-profit ... this course is changing lives. Join Fashion Meets Faith in this mission!

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